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For many years Hristo Tanev has been a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists and for the last five decades one of the outstanding representatives of Bulgarian sculpture. He was born on 4/03/1930 in the village of Vinarsko, Burgas. In 1960 he graduated the Art Academy under Professor Lubomir Dalchev. Tanev participate in a great number of national exhibitions, as well as lots of independent charities, some together with his wife Nadya Petrenko. He has received over twenty national competition awards for monumental and decorative projects, including the emblematic memorials “Baba Tonka” in Russe, “Benkovski” in Koprivshtitsa and “Three Brothers” in
Tanev’ s works are exhibited in the National Art Gallery and in almost all the other galleries in the country. His plastics are a part of private collections in USA, Great Britain, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland and Russia. His special line is monumental sculpture with historical subject matter. Reasonably Dr. Atanasov defines him as one of the most talented monumentalists in Bulgaria.


Source: One World Magazine, ISSN – 1311-6940, page 8

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